Meet TeamWILD’s Director of Special Projects: Mara Schwartz

Mara serves a delicious vegan meal to TeamWILD Director, Mari Ruddy

Mara Schwartz is TeamWILD’s Director of Special Projects. She has created and shared many delicious and nutritious recipes on this blog. Mara has lived with Type 1 diabetes for 25 years. She is training to complete a triathlon in 2012 and to get faster on her bike.

How do you define “Athlete”?

Pushing yourself staying healthy, feeding the body healthily to achieve
performance for my own personal goals.
What inspires you?

The sun, a warm breeze, my personal athletic accomplishments, my
fellow teammates, getting a good report card from the Dr., feeling
good, preventing diabetes complications, knowing if can do it and if I
can’t then try anyway.

How do you move past obstacles to your fitness goals?

Never give up, tomorrow is another day, reflect, adjust and correct.

How do you reward yourself?

A Liege Waffle

What is something about you that might surprise us?

I only have 11 ribs on my left side of my body instead of 12.

How do you GO WILD in your life?

I get out and move. Encourage others to get out and move. I wear TeamWILD
colors and gear promoting our mission.

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