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The Mission at TeamWILD: We Inspire Life with Diabetes,  is to empower people with diabetes to take charge of their health by teaching how to be an athlete first, and a person with diabetes second.

We believe that being an athlete shifts our mental mindset to one of optimal performance of the body, rather than being in a mindset of disease and fear. High caliber athletes pay attention to nutrition, to stress, to sleep, and to exercise. High performing athletes even write it all down and consult with coaches and trainers.

At TeamWILD, we have found that people with diabetes who make the mental shift to thinking of themselves as athletes first, with diabetes second, take exquisite care of themselves and gain profound confidence that transfers immediately to other areas of life.

Team WILD at the Race!

TeamWILD was founded because we believe people with diabetes need each other and deserve expert coaches and expert diabetes education to best be able to take charge of their health and have the courage and confidence to push their exercise and athletic limits.  Almost all of us at TeamWILD ourselves have diabetes and we know what it takes to handle this challenging condition and stay fit and healthy.

Mari Ruddy, the Director of TeamWILD, has lived with type 1 diabetes for 30 years and is a two time breast cancer survivor, founded TeamWILD in 2008 after searching high and low for resources for women with diabetes who wanted to exercise safely and with expert guidance.

Mari is also the Founder of the Red Rider Recognition Program that celebrates cyclists at the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure. Mari founded TeamWILD after realizing that most of the cyclists at the Tour were men with diabetes. She wanted to support women with diabetes getting out there and getting fit. TeamWILD continues to do this, and now also supports men!

During the summer of 2011, Mari and the TeamWILD staff decided to rename the organization to include men. The resources, education and training TeamWILD offers people with diabetes needs to be widely available. WILD (which originally stood for Women Inspiring Life with Diabetes) now stands for We Inspire Life with Diabetes!

Mari imagining the start line of the race!

The first year of TeamWILD, there were 20 women on the team and all of them did a 70.3 Triathlon. The second year, the number doubled and we had 3 teams: something for every athletic (or non-athletic!) ability. In 2011 we had over 75 women on the teams.

Find out more about our diabetes and nutrition coaches, our athletic coaches, and the rest of our TeamWILD staff!

Make it a WILD day! And, a WILD life!

5 Responses to About WILD

  1. Karen Lipinsky says:

    Team WILD is for women and men both! We used to be a female-only group, but realized there was a real need to go co-ed and help all adults with diabetes realize their athletic goals. While much of WILD is done via email and webinars, we will have training camps and race events, including in Colorado, in 2012. Stay tuned!

  2. Susan says:

    I was wondering if TEAM Wild is just for women? Is there anything out there in Colorado for men with Type 1 Diabetes? (I’m searching for a friend)

    thank you

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  4. Patricia Dugan says:

    Hi Mari,

    I’m trying to donate to your organization in celebration of Maureen and John’s wedding celebration. Do you have a link?


  5. Dear Mari,

    I love your passion for W.I.L.D.!! I think it is a wonderful service you are providing woman with Diabetes. As a Pediatrician I was wondering if there is something out there you can suggest for children?

    I am also part of the UIBC coaching group and on the previous call with Andrew Lock I was happy that you were willing to share your success with the group. I was very interested in contacting you to find out more how you were able to “monetize” your website. I am currently working on making kids medicine simple by providing videos for parents to watch about their child’s medical condition. Yet not sure how to start monetizing it. It be great to hear from you.

    Thank you,

    Alon Leibovitz, M.D.
    917 647 8142
    twitter: @kidsmedicine

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