Karen Lipinsky

Karen Lipinsky
Director of Communications


Karen has been involved with TeamWILD since its inaugural year, and did her first 70.3 triathlon with the team in Austin that year.  2010 brought Camp WILD and later the Branson 70.3 on a crazy humid day in Missouri.  In 2011 she was the captain of the WILDIron team that took 11 athletes to Ironman Wisconsin.

Karen has a background in software development and database design, and spent her childhood with her nose in a book (many books, really) rather than being active.  After moving to Colorado as a young adult she got outside more to take advantage of the sunshine and mountains, and eventually got into running when she turned 40.  She was recruited by Mari for TeamWILD at a diabetes and sports camp and found her resistance wearing down by the end of the week, when she agreed to take on the daunting task of learning to swim such that she could execute that first 70.3 race a year later.

She was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 27 (she tells her parents they were very lucky that it wasn’t 20 years earlier) and continues to find the diabetes control a challenge, including when Ironman training.  Thankfully she is a data junkie and welcomes training input from her pump, meter, and cgm, in addition to her Garmin 310XT.

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