Mara Schwartz

Mara Schwartz
Director of Special Projects


Mara joins the TeamWILD staff and brings with her a medical background allowing her to understand the complexity of managing diabetes and the importance of good diabetes management. Her background in accounting and financial strategy lends strength in numbers. She is thrilled to be on staff and looking forward to creating an environment for other people with diabetes where they can thrive!

In addition to working at TeamWILD, Mara is an RN and is currently pursuing her CDE.  In addition, she also holds a BS in Accounting from Roger Williams University and worked as Accountant and Financial Systems Test Analyst for Oppenheimer Funds for eleven years.  Currently, she works in a hospital as a medical/surgical nurse and cares for general surgery, neurology, join and spine patients, many of whom have diabetes.

Mara has been a Type 1 diabetic for 25 years, and was diagnosed 1 week before her high school graduation. Her diagnosis wasn’t easy to deal with at that age and going off to college, but eventually she found her balance. However, one part of her diabetes knowledge that was missing was how to manage her diabetes while exercising. Mara states that “TeamWILD has given me the tools and confidence to manage my diabetes during athletics.” and that the gap in knowledge was filled by TeamWILD and camp. Mara’s next goal is a triathlon in 2012 and increasing her speed on the bike.

Read Mara’s interview on our TeamWILD blog.

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