Transform your life with diabetes, forever.

CampWILD 2013

Exercise and learn alongside diabetes coaches & inspired colleagues who all have diabetes and great energy.

Join TeamWILD at CampWILD in 2013!

June 19 – 23, 2013 in Boulder, CO

CampWILD Training Camp transforms your life through real-time diabetes education, sports skills clinics, workouts with your camp mates and coaches, really delicious and healthy meals, and a lot of Teamy Goodness.

TeamWILD Training Camp is a life changing experience where you learn about diabetes and exercise and share your experiences with other people with diabetes who care about their health and wellness.

IMPORTANT: You do NOT have to consider yourself an athlete to come to CampWILD. TeamWILD works with everyone from the beginning exerciser to the already-accomplished athlete who is looking to improve both their athletic performance and their diabetes control.

There are three tracks to choose from: Cycling, Triathlon or Run/Walk.

WHO IS CAMP FOR? CampWILD is for adults, ages 18 and over, who have type 2 or type 1 diabetes. There are also a limited number of camp seats available to type 3’s (supporters) who would like to attend camp alongside their friend or family member who has type 1 or type 2.

Upon registration, you will select an athletic track: cycling, triathlon or run/walk, to follow while at camp. All campers attend meals, and diabetes and nutrition training as one large group. Exercise sessions are sport-specific and will have levels to accommodate all fitness and skill levels.

WHAT HAPPENS AT CAMP?  At CampWILD, you have a full schedule of educational workshops, athletic training, and delicious meals.  Here is a sample schedule to get a feel for how your time at camp is filled.

Check out this live video chat Camp Director Mari recently had with Mara, former Camper now TeamWILD staff member and Brenda, camper. They tell it like it is.

WHO IS THE CampWILD STAFF? CampWILD is hosted by trained experts, to guide your diabetes and athletic empowerment and transformative experience!

Marcey Robinson, MS, RD, CSSD, CDE, BC-ADM and Jennifer Smith, RD, LD, CDE are the diabetes and nutrition coaches. Jarrod Fritsch, Chris Navin, Gillian Forsyth, Daniel Schneider, and Adam Burrack, are the athletic/exercise coaches. Mari Ruddy, founder of the Red Rider Program of the Tour de Cure, is the Director. Mara Schwartz handles CGM’s, the Expo and is support staff. Heather Leide is the Gear and Logistics Goddess. Karen Lipinsky is the Boulder Liaison and does swim/bike/run support. Sarah Worah is one of the Diabetes Nutrition interns. Stephanie is the Information Coordinator. There will be several guest coaches for rides and run/walks. You will be very, very, very well taken care of. We are serious about transformation.

A testimonial from a young camper, and input from some of our CampWILD staff:


Camper Jim talking about his fitness test at CampWILD:

Click Here for a Sample Schedule

Camp prices:

Purchase date: Price:
after 05/01/2013 $2195

Payment plans are available. Please email us at mari [at] teamwildathletics [dot] com

CampWILD is held at the Millennium Harvest House Hotel in beautiful Boulder, Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Campers are encouraged to book your room as early as possible. (They sold out last year!) We will help you find a fellow camper to room with, if you would like to share a room.


Life altering, I have a new perspective on my life and my diabetes.
I cannot stop telling everyone who asks how much I learned at CampWILD. This was the best experience I have had in almost 30 years with diabetes. Thank you!”  — Type 1 diabetes, 29 years
Fun group, fun energy, great food, great teaching!
If you’re interested in learning more about your diabetes than you have in a long time, come to CampWILD with me next year. I learned how to manage my blood sugars during and after extreme exercise instead of dealing with “the fallout” as I did for so long. Seeing so many people wearing pumps and CGMs was amazing, also, and never having to be embarrassed about my pump or meter beeping allowed me to not feel singled out for the first time in my life. Meeting other people who live with diabetes everyday and want to be healthy and in control of their lives was so inspiring!
This was the most inspirational and educational camp or seminar I have ever participated in!”  — Type 2 diabetes, 5 years
The people I met and the things I learned have change me in ways that are hard to describe.  The staff are all amazing! It was really cool to meet some of them in person after seeing them on video.  I tell everyone I meet about campWILD!”  — Type 1 diabetes, 25+ years
Great staff. Great learning experience! Loved being around other people like me!


Come and GO WILD with us in 2013!



    7 Responses to Camp

    1. Melissa Louis says:

      So I got the newsletter on when the training camps are but do you know when you will have the information on the cost and registration (specifically the triathlon/running camp)?

    2. Mari Ruddy says:

      Melissa, YES!!! We are about to put up information pages about all the camp details and training plan details too! Thanks for asking. The newsletter is scheduled to come out November 21! Keep your WILD eyes open!!! ~Mari

    3. Melissa Louis says:

      Will there be more information being sent in the newsletter as far as how much the camps cost and how to sign up?

    4. Pam says:

      Hi Mari,
      I am recently diagnosed with LADA being treated at T1 (one month ago – I’m in my late 40’s, very active) and was an avid biker and have completed a few triathlons pre D. Now I am really just trying to get my medications figured out, but still want to get back into biking. Your group sounds like a great bunch of ladies and I will be watching to see what may be in my area for the Tour de Cure too. I think there are 2 being planned up here in NY next year. Thanks for bringing your energy and zest for life to this group. It’s so nice to see “You CAN” instead of “You can’t” for a newby like me.

    5. Mari Ruddy says:

      Hi! Pam, we have one cycling training camp in 2012… it will be in San Diego. We will be having 2 cycling race/ride camps… one in Minnesota in early June, one in Colorado in mid August. I’m sorry we won’t be having any camps on the east coast this year… but I sure bet we will in 2013!!! Pam, I’m super glad you asked and I sure hope we stay connected!!!! Do you ride in a Tour de Cure??? If so, which one?

    6. Pam Dellea says:

      Are you planning on having any cycling camps closer to the east coast in 2012 (I am in upstate NY)? Thank you

    7. Patti Woodcock says:

      When I rode the Tour de Cure in MT I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Mari and I was blown away by her energy and enthusiasm. She invited me to San Diego to train and ride in San Diego with her. I would like the opportunity to train with the Team Wild group and learn as much as I can and ride the Tour in San Diego. I don’t know that we can afford for me to come down, train, and ride; but I would like to know more please.

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