CampWILD Running

CampWILD Running & Walking

June 19 – 23, 2013 in Boulder, Colorado


Attend the CampWILD Running & Walking with TeamWILD

and Change Your Life!

Learn to manage your diabetes and improve your running skills all in one amazing camp experience!

Runners (and walkers) of all abilities are encouraged to participate!

Do you want to better understand how to exercise with diabetes? Specifically, have you ever struggled with how to manage diabetes while being active? Have you ever wished someone could watch you run and give you instant feedback that would help you immediately improve efficiency and performance? Have you ever been afraid to go out on a run because you weren’t sure how to manage your blood sugars with your nutrition needs? In fact, do you ever wonder, what are your nutritional needs before, during, and after a workout? Have you ever wished you had a running coach? And have you ever wished the running coach talked to your diabetes educator and to you at the same time?

Come to CampWILD Running Camp in Boulder, Colorado and join diabetes experts and athletic coaches who will work together to help you understand the complexities of diabetes and exercise.  Our experts who will listen to you and help you understand how to eat and manage your medications, and will help you become a stronger more efficient runner.

Not a runner?  Just getting into exercise?  CampWILD can still help you with a walk/run program, with the same focus on being active with diabetes.  Thinking of yourself as an athlete will help you to focus on your health in a positive way!

“How CampWILD Running Training Camp Helps You … “

Here’s a quick recap of how CampWILD Running Training Camp works.

  • Learn from your running coach!
  • Improve your running skills

During Camp you will do running drills to improve your efficiency and decrease the risk of overuse injuries. You will learn about good running form and get feedback to correct any issues with your form.

  • Manage your diabetes as you run

At Camp, you will learn all about diabetes in highly engaging, interactive workshops that are interwoven with time out in your running shoes. Diabetes education is fun and concepts are immediately applied.

Just a few of the topics that we will cover at CampWILD: basal/bolus for endurance exercise, managing hypoglycemia, managing hyperglycemia, what to do when going on long runs, type 2 medications for running and so much more!

  • Nutrition and Hydration

Learning about nutrition and hydration is something nearly every athlete wonders about, whether or not they have the extra challenge of diabetes. Add in diabetes and it’s very easy to be confused and overwhelmed. At CampWILD we will virtually eliminate your confusion! Our incredible team of dietitians will unravel the knot of how, what, when, and why to eat and drink for performance.

You will learn about what your needs are on a run, how to make medication adjustments to handle the nutrition needs that you have and what your body is doing when you are running long. We will address how to make a Race Day plan and how to implement that strategy.

  • Learn from Diabetes Experts

The key to all of this is a fantastic coach and incredible diabetes educators. The team TeamWILD has assembled is unmatched. You can read about them all on their bios on the TeamWILD website. Here are a few quick highlights about each of these amazing teachers.

Marcey Robinson – Marcey has tons of energy, passion, and she is super knowledgeable. She is an incredible listener, she is a wealth of resources, she explains things clearly, she is approachable, and she is herself an athlete.  After time with Marcey, you will love carbs and understand why. In addition, Marcey is the mom of a toddler, and thus she understands how to balance life: children, health, a job and staying fit. She’s one of the best presenters around and you will thoroughly enjoy learning from Marcey. She has experience teaching a wide variety of people, from those of us with diabetes, to medical professionals, to the friends and family of people with diabetes. Marcey is a gem, you WANT to know and learn from this amazing woman!!

Jenny Smith – Jenny knows her stuff about type 2 and type1 diabetes. Jenny is calm yet very passionate about helping people with diabetes get the information and skills they need to be empowered athletes. Jenny is herself living successfully with type 1 diabetes. She is an athlete, and in fact was on the first TeamWILD team and is a marathoner and a 70.3 triathlon finisher. She understands special needs diets and is herself a plant-based vegan and a gifted cook. One of Jenny’s loves is diabetes data analysis.

Meet one of your diabetes team. This is Jenny Smith!

  • Mental Skills Give You Confidence & Boost Your Performance

Lots of other organizations skip the Mental Skills component of performance. Not here at TeamWILD and definitely not at CampWILD Runing Training Camp. TeamWILD founder Mari was terrified of low blood sugars, so much so that it stopped her from going out on long bike rides. Even after she intellectually understood how to make adjustments, it wasn’t until she worked with a Mental Skills coach that she really got to the bottom of my anxiety about performance and diabetes, and gain the needed confidence to trust her knowledge.

Ginger Vieira is incredible. She is the CampWILD and TeamWILD Mental Skills Coach and she will be at the entire camp. She will talk with you and she will lead workshops about goal setting and understanding the role of the mind in performance. She will help you unravel your issues about athletic performance and how diabetes influences you.

  • Peer Support is Teamy Goodness

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.”

Diabetes is a team sport. We all need a great team to manage this condition. On your team you need your peers. We think of diabetes as a string of marathons, 100-mile bike rides, or Ironmans. It’s a long event. Toward that end, we need to have people around us who lift us up, who inspire us, who understand what it’s like day in and day out. Come to CampWILD and meet amazing people just like you who care deeply about their health and well being. Meet other people. We call this TEAMY GOODNESS!!! At CampWILD you will make lifelong, transformative friendships.

Here is a sample daily schedule to give you and idea of what a day at CampWILD looks like…

  • Good morning yoga/stretching
  • Breakfast & Carb counting
  • Shower/dress for day
  • Clinic: “Diabetes and Exercise: Understanding the Physiology”
  • Training Clinic: Running (or run/walking) with an emphasis on form
  • Lunch & Carb Counting
  • Clinic: “Fueling Your Workout: Be WILD: learn to love CARBS!
  • Training Clinic: Running drills that keep your body in top running shape
  • Clean Up
  • Dinner & Carb Counting
  • Coaches Corner: Reflections on the day
  • Clinic: “Hypoglycemia: the fear, the challenge, & the opportunity to manage”
  • Clinic: Race Day Plan Review – with Mental Skills Coach
  • Finally, Get some sleep!


  • CampWILD Running Training Camp will be held in Boulder, Colorado,  June, 2013 at the Millennium Harvest House Hotel. We have reserved a bank of rooms at a discounted price for campers. Once you have registered for CampWILD, we will send you all the hotel details.

  • The first session of camp will an EXPO on Wednesday, at 2 PM.  Camp will finish up at noon on Sunday,  with a box lunch for you to take with you. Do not book your departure flight any earlier than 2 PM. You will not want to miss one minute of your camp experience!

  • Your camp tuition and registration includes meals.  It does not include transportation to and from camp or your room costs.

“Why Camp WILD Running Training Camp Works

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably asking yourself if CampWILD Running Training Camp will work for you, right? Here’s the thing: this camp will work for you.  We at TeamWILD have figured out all the elements that you need to finally, once and for all, get all the right people in the room with you to perfect your running with diabetes (or to begin your exercise journey with diabetes!) and some amazing peers who want to learn and grow and master this as much as you do.  People with diabetes who have experienced CampWILD are thrilled and pleasantly surprised with how much it has changed their approach to diabetes and endurance exercise.

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