Chris Navin, Running, Cycling, Triathlon Coach

Chris Navin
Coach – Running, Cycling & Triathlon
Chris grew up in Switzerland developing his athletic background as a soccer player at a very young age.  Moving back to the U.S. at the age of 9, Chris continued developing his athletic passions through endurance sports as an avid cyclist, triathlete, and endurance runner.A successful Certified Ethical Hacker and computer security consultant, Chris left a corporate career as a Vice President in financial services to train for his first Ironman and follow his dream of becoming a full-time endurance sports coach.  He’s never looked back since!

Chris is now a top age-group athlete and 4-time Ironman, having completed over 120 races across the world – including 3 different continents (with a few more on his to-do list!).  He actively competes in endurance races and events of all distances and disciplines from 5K races to competitive stair climbing to Ironman triathlons.  Having turned his health and lifestyle around through endurance sports, Chris is always eager to share his love of the sport with athletes of all backgrounds.

Coach Chris is a big proponent of training safe and training smart, focusing on the fundamentals of getting fit and improving form to avoid injury… which ultimately leads to arguably the most important aspect, having fun!

Always willing to share his knowledge on training plan periodization and promoting sound form and technique for improving performance, Chris loves the science behind endurance sports and will never hesitate to share his knowledge on the latest and greatest endurance sports gadgets, gear, and gizmos.  Chris thrives on helping athletes absorb the fundamentals of proper running form combined with well-designed drills, workouts, and periodized training plans that help athletes meet their ultimate goals in leading an active, healthy, and fun-loving lifestyle.

Chris is currently the Head Endurance Training Coach at one of the largest upscale health clubs in Chicago – managing all swimming, cycling, running, and triathlon programs for over 100 athletes across 9 different health club locations.  He is also a certified USA Triathlon Level 1 coach, Newton Natural Running Coach, and coach for several endurance training charity fundraising teams.

When not racing, coaching, or training, Chris also enjoys photography, learning guitar, dancing salsa, and playing volleyball.

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