Ginger Vieira, Mental Skills Coach

Ginger Vieira
Coach – Mental Skills

Here at Team WILD we understand that to be a successful athlete with diabetes requires some extra work. And some of that extra work is to figure out the mental and psychological aspects of performance when you are an athlete with the ‘betes. Some of us have a big fear of lows. Some of us beat ourselves up when we go high, eat the “wrong” foods, or just when things aren’t going well, we get really down on ourselves.

We also know, because we know some top Olympic level athletes personally, that lots and lots of athletes use visualization. They work with sports psychologists and they actively address the mental part of what it means to be a peak performing athlete.

Thus, Team WILD, in our effort to meet the needs of the whole athlete, even the recreational and new athlete, make sure that an integral part of WILD is a Mental Skills Coach. And we only bring you the best here at Team WILD. That’s why Ginger Vieira is part of the Team WILD team! GO GINGER!!!

Here’s some background on how amazing Ginger is and why we wanted her to be part of the WILD team. Ginger Vieira has lived with Type 1 diabetes and Celiac disease since 1999, after diagnosing herself at age 13 during a 7th grade health fair.

While completing a Bachelor’s of Science in Professional Writing during 2008 in Burlington, Vermont, Ginger also attained her certification in both personal training and Ashtanga yoga instruction. During 2009 and 2010, she set 15 records in drug-tested powerlifting with personal best lifts of a 190-pound bench press, 265-pound squat, and a 308-pound deadlift.

In 2010, Ginger became certified through David Rock’s Results Coaching Training to be a cognitive coach for people with diabetes, and founded her coaching business,

In January 2011, Ginger published her first book, “Your Diabetes Science Experiment”–an easy-to-understand guide to help people better understand their own insulin sensitivity, how to balance insulin around nutrition and exercise, and how to take on challenges around day-to-day diabetes management. Today, she is also known well in the diabetes online community for her video blogs, often humorous, moving, and poignant, at

Ginger loves what Team WILD is all about, we love Ginger, and we know that you all will love her too.  We are excited for you to have the opportunity to work with and learn from one of the best in the field of Mental Skills for Athletes!

Read Ginger’s interview on our TeamWILD blog.

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