Jarrod Fritsch, Triathlon Coach

Jarrod Fritsch
Coach – Triathlon

Jarrod joins TeamWILD to offer Triathlon Coaching with a focus on the beginner triathlete.

Jarrod offers a unique set of skills from the many sports and fitness activities that he has been involved with throughout his life, both as a player and as a coach.  These range from running to swimming, rugby to cycling and many in between.

Jarrod has been fortunate enough to be coached by some of the best in their chosen fields and has learned much from these mentors and coaches that he is able to apply to his coaching.  He is therefore able to bring many of these aspects to the world of triathlon and combine them to provide a unique training advantage.

Apart from the sports background, Jarrod is also a business person who owns and runs multiple businesses, including MultiSport Fitness (www.MultiSportFitnessTips.com).  This allows him to know exactly what it is like to have to juggle sports and fitness around a busy work schedule and a family.  Triathlon can be a time consuming and demanding sport and Jarrod knows how to incorporate the fine mix of training and personal life, while still assisting you to achieve your personal best.

Triathlon is hugely rewarding, and as one of the fastest growing sports in the world there has never been a better time to get involved and to simply get out there and give it a Tri!

Read Jarrod’s interview on our TeamWILD blog.

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