Lynnda Best-Wiss, Run/Walk & Triathlon Coach

Lynnda Best-Wiss, Team WILD, Coach, diabetes, inspiration

Lynnda Best-Wiss
Coach – WILDfit Run/Walk and Triathlon 

Lynnda started running seriously when she was 14.  Running was her first athletic passion and, athletically speaking, is what she does best!  In 2003, she sustained an injury and had to stop running and cycling while she healed.  She took advantage of the “down” time and started swimming.  She had had some swim lessons as a kid but never swam as an adult.  Getting into the pool for lap swimming was pretty eye opening for her…according to Lynnda, she was terrible!

But…she didn’t let that deter her and, when she could run and bike again, she decided to give triathlons a try.  She got hooked (she also got a swim coach!).  Since completing her first triathlon in 2004, she’s gone on to compete in many Olympic-distance Age Group National Championships as well as representing the US at several Olympic-distance Age Group World Championships.  In 2011, she qualified for the  Ironman World Championships in Kona and finished 6th in her age group.

Lynnda’s first career was in the field of teaching.  While teaching, she was lucky enough to have the opportunity to coach girls’ volleyball, basketball and track, and loved it.  When she started her triathlon career, the desire to teach and coach others in the triathlon disciplines quickly followed.  She became a certified USAT Level 1 triathlon coach in 2008.  She started coaching for an all women’s triathlon team.  Since then she has gone on to coach the TeamWILD WILDfit program and to coach for FastForward Sports’ triathlon program.

As a coach, she likes to help athletes define realistic goals and then work with the athletes to make sure they have a plan that will facilitate the attainment of those goals.  She strongly believes that sports should be fun and be part of a balanced life.  Lynnda is looking forward to working with WILDfit athletes as they work to complete the run/walk program, stay healthy and enjoy life.  Go WILD!