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Michael Kelly
Coach – Triathlon 


Michael Kelly only got into sports after graduating college, so he appreciates that not everyone has a lifetime of athletic experience behind them. In more than a decade of racing, he has completed 17 Half-Ironmans, 6 Ironmans, quite a few sprints and olympics, a handful of XTerras, some duathlons, and even a 24 hour Team Triathlon event. His favorite distance is the Half-Ironman because it’s the perfect balance of going long without spending all day at it.

Michael is successful as a coach because he absorbs all of the scientific literature on training principals and looks at how to best apply those ideas to real-world athletes with families and careers.  He learned the ropes by self-coaching, discovering what worked and what didn’t, and has further refined that by coaching for the last 5 years with Fast Forward Sports.  He has guided nearly a hundred athletes through every distance from Sprint to Ironman, and has coached both experienced and beginner athletes to very successful racing seasons.

His coaching philosophy centers on the idea that racing isn’t about winning races, or even winning your age group. It’s not about winning in the traditional sense at all since very few athletes will ever have the chance to compete at that level.  Even for those that do, it’s about setting goals, recognizing success, and realizing that confidence as an athlete will carry over into every other aspect of your life. This is what makes coaching so rewarding.  Athletic successes are one thing, but seeing an athlete take those principals and apply them to their entire life is an amazing transformation to be part of.  It works best when the athlete is open to new ideas, willing to trust, and truly engaged in the learning process by putting the ideas into practice.

When it comes right down to it, all you have to do is Train Smart, Race Hard, and Have Fun!  Success follows that combination every time!

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