TeamWILD sponsors and partners!

Doing things alone just isn’t any fun. And it’s usually a whole lot harder. That’s why we are really excited to have partners that love what TeamWILD is all about and that we love in return. We look for relationships that create maximum win for everyone, most of all for you, the women and men of TeamWILD.

As athletes ourselves who are living with diabetes, we know how valuable time is for all of us. Because of that, we are pleased to tell you here about the incredible businesses, products, people and organizations with whom we have WILD relationships.

Please use these products, call these people, and trust these businesses. We do.


Blue Platinum Presenting Partners

TeamWILD is excited to partner with the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure. As part of this partnership, all cyclists with diabetes who are registered to ride in a Tour de Cure will receive access to a special “How To Ride with Diabetes” video and handbook that features Mari Ruddy, TeamWILD Director and Founder of the Red Rider Recognition Program, Nicole Freedman, Olympic Cyclist and TeamWILD Cycling Coach and Marcey Robinson, MS, RD, CDE, BC-ADM, TeamWILD’s expert Diabetes and Exercise Coach.The Tour de Cure is a celebration of health. To ride in the Tour with diabetes takes courage and effort. TeamWILD wants all cyclists with diabetes to have the tools to have an amazing ride. Toward that end, we have 3 levels of cycling programs available for you. Check them out here!
Primal Wearis an amazing, socially responsible business. And they have been with TeamWILD from the beginning. Primal is responsible for designing and manufacturing our custom TeamWILD kit, including cycling jerseys and shorts, tri tops and shorts, technical run shirts, arm warmers, socks, and jackets. In addition to coming up with a stylish design to incorporate our team colors and logo, Primal worked with us on particular issues that may arise for people with diabetes, including such extras as more pockets on the tri top and a buttonhole through the pocket in both tops to accommodate insulin pump tubing. Brit, our sales rep, Tim, our artist and Dave, the owner of PrimalWear, have all gone above and beyond to help us make sure that our gear is as perfect as possible. We’ve found our Primal clothing to be really comfortable through long hours of training and racing, it’s holding up well over time, and we love how it looks!

Here is the Press Release about Primal and TeamWILD!

We all need a treat now and then, even hard working athletes who live with the challenge of diabetes. One really great, guilt-free treat is an All Natural Zevia Soda. There are 12 flavors, so something yummy for every one. Zevia is sweetened with stevia, which doesn’t impact blood sugar levels, and we here at TeamWILD think Zevia is both fun and very tasty. All TeamWILD athletes receive coupons for discounts and even free Zevia!! Plus, come to CampWILD and have as much Zevia as you can drink! Thank you Zevia for making such a yummy treat for all of us!



Gold Partners

TeamWILD and Mari have received tremendous support and encouragement from the Ultimate Internet Bootcamp and the teachers and experts at If you have a dream and a passion for something you want to give back to the world and you are not sure how to make the dream a reality, be sure to learn more about UIBC. It could be just the thing you are looking for.


Silver Partners

Mari, TeamWILD founder, finds Pain Relief Miracle to be very helpful. She says, “It works! I had a sunburn from training and I sprayed some on and, WOW! It cooled my skin and healed the burn in a fraction of the time.” PRM is a wonderful, natural product that helps heal sore muscles tired from TeamWILD training! All athletes who come to CampWILD will get a free 1 oz sample of PRM Sport! Thank you PRM for healing athletes and everyone who wants to give it a try!
Bicycle Village prides iteself on its excellent customer service, whether in one of its Colorado shops or its stellar online store.  They provided CampWILD athletes with plum rental bikes for camp, taking the time to fit each athlete carefully on their rental steed.  Bicycle Village is also a sponsor of the Colorado Tour de Cure!


Bronze Partners

Continuous glucose monitoring is a valuable tool in your diabetes arsenal, and we at TeamWILD are big fans of the Dexcom SEVEN Plus system.  Determining your patterns when doing endurance exercise is much easier with a cgms!
The folks at Medtronic are responsible for products that make managing diabetes easier.  TeamWILD founder Mari Ruddy, as well as many other WILD staffers and athletes, depend on the Medtronic insulin pump!
Novo Nordisk is responsible for a number of diabetes innovations that make our lives easier!  TeamWILD members depend on their insulins and pens every day.
For over 125 years, Abbott Diabetes Care has been focused on a single goal: advancing medical science to help people with diabetes live healthier lives. Freestyle meters from Abbott Diabetes Care assist in our day-to-day diabetes life. The backlight and port light (where you put in the test strip) of the Freestyle Lite meter are particularly handy, and we love that it requires such a tiny blood sample!
People with diabetes should have some medical alert identification on them at all times.  ScanMedQR bracelets allow emergency personnel to instantly access the information you’ve provided with a quick scan from their phones.  We at TeamWILD think this is a fantastic use of new technology!
CampWILD attendees loved the hydration mix from Skratch Labs!  At Skratch Labs their mission is to use real world science and practice to create the very best nutrition products: products that taste great, that are made from real all-natural ingredients, and that are designed to optimize performance and health for both sport and life.
Rudy Project has incredible gear! And Rudy has supported TeamWILD for 3 years now. We wear their helmets and their sunglasses with pride! To support TeamWILD and get an incredible deal on sunglasses and helmets, 40% off, use the code: teamwild when you check out! Thank you Rudy for your awesome support! Click here to go to the official Rudy Project estore. Use the code: teamwild
mix1 products contain only the highest-quality, all-natural ingredients including whey protein, carbohydrates, antioxidants, soluble fiber and healthy fat. They use the right balance of these ingredients, at efficacious levels, to provide the maximum benefit to your body before a workout, after a workout, or throughout your day.  Athletes at CampWILD loved the mix1 shakes!
Powered by the superfood quinoa, organic millet, and organic vegetables, Qrunch burger is the first of its kind to be free of virtually all common allergens.   It’s gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, corn-free, egg-free, wheat-free, and nut-free. And Qrunch is made in a gluten-free facility. The Qrunch burger is all natural and does not contain any artificial flavorings, colors, or GMOs. This vegan burger is good for you!  That doesn’t mean they don’t taste great, though — everyone at CampWILD enjoyed the Qrunch burgers!
BrightHive New Media Marketing is a wonderful company that has assisted TeamWILD through it’s transition from all women to all adults with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. They created our new business cards and our new marketing postcard, which we love! Thank you Kevin and BrightHive. To support BrightHive and have access to awesome marketing tips, “LIKE” BrightHive on Facebook, we do!
Wean Green is a Canadian company that got its start making baby food containers that are safe and environmental.  These tempered glass containers are perfect for leftovers. Their silicone-sealed, watertight lids are leakproof, making it a cinch for soups, salads and on-the-go meals. Their easy-snap, four-way clip lock system is simple for both young kids and seniors to use.
Crunchies sells delicious freeze-dried fruits and vegetables that were a huge hit at CampWILD.   Crunchies are a healthy, convenient preservative-free snack food. Fruits can be eaten as a snack, or put in hot or cold cereal, yogurt, or pancake and waffle batter; they’d also come in handy for low blood sugars.  Veggies can be eaten as a snack or sprinkled over your salads for added vitamins and nutrients!
Doug Duguay at makes customer service his number one goal. Plus, it’s handy, he loves cycling and he cares deeply about diabetes. Doug and his amazing crew that sells the best selection of on-line cycling gear have supported TeamWILD from the start. Thanks Doug for believing in health and TeamWILD.
We’ve long known about St. Dalfour‘s delicious 100% natural fruit conserves. Among their new products are some great ‘Gourmet on the Go’ meals that make eating healthy food on the go a realistic expectation.  We tried these in our to-go lunches on the last day of CampWILD, and were really pleased!



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