Ironman 2011

WILD Ironman Team 2011

Team WILD had 10 women with type 1 diabetes and one gal who is a type 3 supporter, make their way to Ironman Wisconsin on September 11, 2011. This incredible group of everyday gals, not a professional athlete in the bunch, worked together as Team WILD athletes to support one another as they journeyed to participate in this superhuman undertaking.

All of the gals had incredible experiences and we are now compiling their stories, their journey, their Race Plans and Race Reports along with photos and insights into an ebook that we believe will be ready by early December. Sign up to get our newsletter and we will send out a notice when the ebook is ready!

Check out one gals story, Kathleen Fraser! You too can go WILD!

3 Responses to Ironman 2011

  1. Karen Lipinsky says:

    Michele — that was my husband, Tony Apuzzo, you talked to on the course. I can certainly sympathize with your son about not wanting to have a low during exercise (and I _did_ that day, 2.5 miles into my 6-mile run after twice doing the 40-mile loops on the bike course), but there are ways to help prevent these AND things to do about them (2 GUs did it for me that day). WILD is opening up to men in the next season, and he can get help here and elsewhere to give him some ideas of things to try so that physical activity can be a big part of his life!

  2. Michele Sykes says:

    We had the honor of running into some of the Team Wild Athletes today on the IM WI course. My Husband and I (from Madison, WI) were riding part of the course backwards. We were able to talk to one of the Team Wild husbands and filled us in on Team Wild and that you are training for IM WI. This is TOTALLY AWESOME!
    Our 25 year old son was just diagnosed with Type I diabetes; he is currently struggling with his surgars. He won’t exercise because he doesn’t want to have a low! I can’t wait to show him your INSPIRING videos! I have done IM WI twice and know the nutritional and physical challenges it brings so for you all to do this with diabetes is so totally inspiring! I will be on the sidelines this year and can’t wait to see the TEAM WILD Jerseys to cheer you on! You are all INSPIRING! GO TEAM WILD!

  3. I loved your Team Wild video with Kathleen. She is an inspiration and so articulate about her experiences. Team Wild ROCKS!

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