Triathlon Training Programs: 70.3, Olympic, Sprint

TeamWILD Triathlon Training Programs


Please read through this page to learn how TeamWILD Triathlon Programs can serve you!

Integrated Triathlon Training Programs for Sprint, Olympic and 70.3 Distance Triathlons!

Train for your triathlon event with weekly plans and support from your triathlon, diabetes, nutrition and mental skills coaches!

TeamWILD is a transformative, integrated approach to success for the athlete who has diabetes – YOU!

Triathletes of all abilities are encouraged to participate!

From The Desk Of: Mari Ruddy, Team WILD Director

Date: Wednesday, Jan 18, 2017

Dear Aspiring or Experienced Triathlete,

Do you want to better understand how to train for a triathlon event with diabetes? Have you ever been afraid to go out on a swim, bike or run because you weren’t sure about how to manage your blood sugars with your nutrition needs? In fact, do you ever wonder, what are your nutritional needs during a triathlon? Have you ever wished you had a triathlon coach that would tell you what to do each week as you train for your event?

Believe me, I can relate.  I wanted that for so long. I’ve had diabetes for 30 years and I have felt very alone about my diabetes and my endurance sports. I was alone and confused. My a1c was really bad, over 12, in fact.  Over the years, doing events, I made so many mistakes, I’m almost embarrassed to admit it to you. For such a long time I didn’t think I was a good enough athlete to get help or to get a coach, so I just kept struggling alone for a long time. I don’t want that for you.

Fortunately for me (and now you), I found a way to solve these problems. I started a lifelong journey to find the right people, the right diabetes experts, the right triathlon coaches. I wanted people who would work together to help me understand the complexities of diabetes and exercise. I wanted experts who would listen to me and help me understand how to eat, how to manage my medications, who would help me become a stronger more efficient triathlete, and who would not make fun of me or make me feel stupid when I made a mistake or didn’t understand.

I figured out a way to put it all together into an integrated, simple to use, program for you. You will get the program in your email inbox every week you are in training for your event. You get information from your TeamWILD triathlon coach, from your expert, certified diabetes coach, from your nutrition coach and from your mental skills coach. And you get to write to them as often as you need to, to get support to get you to that start line and if you want, to help you improve your performance. I figured out how to make it feel personal and make it accessible from wherever in the world you are, getting ready to race!

“How TeamWILD Triathlon Training Programs Help You … “

Here’s a quick recap of how TeamWILD Training Training Programs work:

Choose your triathlon distance, and TeamWILD will train you for 18 weeks, 16 weeks or 14 weeks – it all depends on the distance of your triathlon!

We have programs for those who want to participate in the triathlon distances of 70.3 (1.2 mile swim/56 mile bike/13.1 mile run), Olympic (.9 mile swim/25 mile bike/6.2 mile run) and Sprint (.5 mile run/12-17 mile bike/5K run).

  • The TeamWILD 70.3 triathlon training programs are 18 weeks.
  • The TeamWILD Olympic triathlon programs are 16 weeks.
  • The TeamWILD Sprint triathlon programs are 14 weeks.

Tell us about your athletic background and what your goals are for your event – we support FINISHERS and COMPETITORS!

Once you sign up for one of our programs, we call you a TeamWILD athlete. We believe that running success begins with the mental attitude you have. I learned this is a system of thinking that changed my life, so we offer it to you. Be an athlete first!

We have two levels for the 70.3 triathlon training program and one level for the Olympic and Sprint triathlon training programs.

For the 70.3 distance we have:

  • FINISHER. Finishers are those triathletes who will be doing the training distance of 70.3 for the first time and your goal is to finish happy, strong, with good to excellent diabetes management. And you finish wanting to do it another time.
  • COMPETITOR. Competitors are those of you who have done at least one half-Ironman before and your goal is to improve your time, improve your strength, to master your diabetes management and nutrition strategies. Competitors want to improve performance

TIME YOU NEED each week for Training. For the 70.3 and Olympic distances for both the FINISHER and COMPETITOR levels, you need to have between 4 to 12 hours per week for the duration of the training program that you can dedicate to time in training.

For the Sprint triathlon training program our expectation for this level is that before starting the program you can swim for 10 minutes, bike for 20 minutes and run at least 10 minutes without stopping. This is an excellent next step after completing the WILDfit program for those of you who know how to swim a little bit and you own a bike. We will help you build from there to being able to complete your Sprint distance triathlon event with great diabetes and nutrition strategies!

Tell us when your event will be, this will tell us when you need to start your TeamWILD Triathlon Training Program

We want to know what your event is and when it will be held. We can then count backwards from your event day the number of weeks that the training program will be, and that will tell us your training program START DATE. All TeamWILD Triathlon training programs start on a Sunday.

Here are three examples of how this works:

  • Derek plans to race the Kansas Ironman 70.3, on June 9, 2013. He needs 18 weeks for her training program. Thus, he will start his training program on Sunday, February 3, 2013.
  • Kaitlyn plans to participate in an Olympic distance triathlon near her home in Florida on May 5, 2013. She needs 16 weeks for the training program. Thus, she will start on Sunday, January 13, 2013.
  • Cheryl will race a Sprint distance triathlon near her home on June 23, 2013. She needs 14 weeks for the program. Thus, she will start her program on Sunday, March 17, 2013.

Important Note: You can purchase your program any time BEFORE your training period begins. In the Registration Process you will select your program START date!!

What the Training Programs Look Like & What you get each week

Once you go through the Registration and Intake Process and you are placed in the correct program, and we know your start day and the start day has arrived, your TeamWILD Triathlon Training Program will begin!

Sample a training week for one of our cycling programs.  Triathlon programs are similar, although you’ll be getting your athletic training from Coach Jarrod Fritsch (for Sprint and Olympic distance) or Coach Michael Kelly (for 70.3 distance) and it will involve more than cycling!

Each week, you get these things in your email inbox:

1.      Written Triathlon Training plans from either Michael Kelly, 70.3 Coach or Jarrod Fritsch, Sprint and Olympic distance coach. Coach Michael and Coach Jarrod will give you your workout plans for each week. All the terms they use are explained and there are even weekly videos that accompany the plans, so throughout the season you will get to know Coach Michael and Coach Jarrod. They will explain the drills and the concepts being taught. Such things as warmup drills, threshold workouts, bricks, heart rate zone training, periodization, and how to do active recovery are covered.

2.      Diabetes Training as diabetes education relates to endurance sports and running. Each week there is a mini-lesson about something related to increasing your knowledge, comfort and strategies for your diabetes management when you run. Such things as basal testing, dialing in your medications, understanding the actions of insulin, understanding how exercise helps with blood sugar control, predicting and responding to low blood sugars and high blood sugars and much more are covered. Materials will address issues for those using insulin and those who control their diabetes with oral agents or no medication. All of our medical staff are certified diabetes educators with deep and wide knowledge about endurance sports and diabetes. Each week there will be an ACTION ITEM for you to practice while doing your training.

3.      Nutrition Training is presented each week, since nutrition and hydration are critical components for any endurance athlete, especially those of us with diabetes. The TeamWILD nutrition coaches will give you written lessons and video lessons each week to help you understand how to maximize your diabetes and running performance for your event.

4.      Mental Skills Clinics. Endurance sports are as much a mental game as a physical game. Every top level Olympic athlete considers and most use visualization, goal setting, breathing techniques and mental training. At TeamWILD we believe athletes (YOU ARE AN ATHLETE IF YOU’VE READ THIS FAR!) with diabetes need to work on their mind as much as their body. So three times throughout your training program you will get a special training clinic from our Mental Skills Coach Ginger Vieira. She will help you set your goals, keep you motivated and help you learn about the power of your mind in increasing performance.

A few important things you get with TeamWILD Triathlon Training Programs…

  • Unlimited email support from the TeamWILD athletic, diabetes and nutrition coaches. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s our first year and we don’t really know exactly how much support you, our TeamWILD athletes, will need, so we built it into our start-up plan to provide as much support as you might need. That said, we do not intend or want to replace your home diabetes management team. In fact, we expect you at home, to have a fully functioning team that supports your athletic pursuits. We are a compliment and a support to your health, wellness and fitness. And our goal is to answer your questions, and coach you to the finish line of your event.
  • Live webinars with the TeamWILD athletic, diabetes and nutrition coaches. Once again, you read that correctly. Once we have critical mass and there are a bunch of you doing the programs, we will invite you to at least one live webinar with your coaches during your training program. There is no additional cost to attend these webinars, all you have to do in order to attend is have a question for the staff. You will submit your question when you sign up! We will record all the webinars and keep an open library of the recordings for you while you are enrolled in the training program.
  • Teamy Goodness groups. We believe in the power of a team, so we have a few different ways that we will connect you to other athletes in your sport.

A few other important things about TeamWILD Triathlon Training Programs

You will be trained by the best triathlon coaches ever!

I mentioned that I personally am rather particular about the people I want to coach me. Because of that, I wanted to bring you the triathlon coaches ever.

For the Sprint and Olympic distance triathlon, TeamWILD Coach Jarrod Fritsch will guide you through your season. He’s smart, patient, very thorough and fun to listen to. (He’s Australian!) Read more about Jarrod here!

For the 70.3 distance, Coach Michael Kelly will guide both you and me, Mari, to the finish line! Yes, I believe in Coach Michael so much, this season he’s my coach too! Read about Coach Michael here.

You will learn from the incredible TeamWILD Diabetes Coaches

Like I have said over and over again, I went out to find the best for me and for you. The key to all of this is an incredible athletic coach and incredible diabetes educators. The diabetes coaches TeamWILD has assembled is unmatched. You can read about them all on their bios on the TeamWILD website. Here are a few quick highlights about each of these amazing coaches.

Marcey Robinson – Marcey has tons of energy, passion, and she is super knowledgable. She is an incredible teacher, she is a wealth of resources, she explains things well and super clearly, she is approachable, and she is herself an athlete. She is first a cyclist, and in fact did some competitive mountain biking back in the day. After a season with Marcey, you will love carbs and understand why. Marcey has incredible knowledge about exercise physiology and it is from that basis that she will teach you to understand what is going on in your body as you learn incredibly useful information about how to master your diabetes care on the bike. She is an expert in type 2 and type 1 diabetes.

Jenny Smith – Jenny is super smart too (I only hire super smart people, so you know!) Thus she is knowledgable about type 2 and type1 diabetes. Jenny is calm yet very passionate about helping people with diabetes get the information and skills they need to be empowered athletes. Jenny is herself living successfully with type 1 diabetes. She is an athlete, in fact was on the first TeamWILD team and is a 70.3 finisher, and a marathoner. She understands special needs diets and is she is a plant-based vegan and is a gifted cook. One of Jenny’s loves is diabetes data analysis.

Meet one of your diabetes team. This is Jenny Smith!

Mental Skills Give You Confidence & Boost Your Performance

Lots of other organizations skip the Mental Skills component of performance. Not here at TeamWILD. I was terrified of low blood sugars, so much that it stopped me from going out on long bike rides. Even after I intellectually understood how to make adjustments, it wasn’t until I worked with a Mental Skills coach that I really got to the bottom of my anxiety about performance and diabetes, did I gain the needed confidence to trust my knowledge.

Ginger Vieira is incredible. She is the TeamWILD Mental Skills Coach. Click here to read Ginger’s bio.

“Why TeamWILD Triathlon Training Programs Work for Diabetics Like You and Me”

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably asking yourself if one of the TeamWILD Triathlon Training Programs will work for you, right?  Here’s the thing: I believe that if you want to participate in a triathlon and you are the least bit wanting to know more about your diabetes while you do the event, then this will work for you. I have figured out all the elements that you need to finally, once and for all, get all the right people working together and with you.

You are worth it!

In WILD Wellness,

Mari Ruddy, Director of TeamWILD


Here are the triathlon training programs we offer.

A note about age… TeamWILD is for adult men and women. We are not able to serve those who are under the age of 18 at this time.

3 Responses to Triathlon Training Programs: 70.3, Olympic, Sprint

  1. Mari Ruddy says:

    Melinda!!! I’m super excited that we get to support you to the JerseyGirl Triathlon!! YES!!! I will forward the link to the page you need!! (To your email!) GO WILD you super JerseyGirl!!! ~Mari

  2. Melinda Singer says:

    Forgot one thing, It is a sprint. 300 m swim, 10.5 bike, 3 mile run.


  3. Melinda Singer says:

    Hey Mari,
    I signed up for the Sprint Triathlon training program but cannot find the registration form to fill out to tell you when my race is to figure out when the training should begin. I am in the Jerseygirl triathlon, to be held on July 29th, 2012. I am stoked.

    Did I miss it in the web site? Let me know. I am really looking forward to all the support and help. Thx,

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