WILDfit! Walk/Run Starter Program

Change Your Mind, Change Your Health



No excuse anymore to not get fit and healthy!

WILDfit is for people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes who are ready to get exercising using the mindset of being an athlete.

WILDfit is a 12 week program that will help you get moving in the direction of endurance athletics. This is the STARTER Program to launch yourself into the world of WILD Athletics.


With WILDfit, every week you’ll have a training page. This includes your athletic training schedule for the week as well as diabetes and nutrition lessons and a focus.  Your coaches will present all of this with video and audio clips as well as written messages.   Each week there are athletic goals, diabetes goals and nutrition goals.

Participants should be able to walk around the block and have the interest, physical ability, time and mental desire to work their way to being an endurance athlete. WILDfit is a run/walk program to get you going.

It’s okay if you don’t YET think of yourself as an athlete. We will show you the way. All you have to do is WANT IT!

Here’s what you get for your WILDfit Membership:

  • 12 weeks of customized training plans delivered to your inbox each week. Value $150.00
  • 12 weeks of video and audio support from USAT Certified Coach Lynnda Best-Wiss and  Diabetes Coach and Sports Nutritionist, Jenny Smith, RD, CDE, both of whom are highly trained and experts in their fields. Value: $500.00
  • Email support for 12 weeks from the athletic coach and diabetes coach to answer your questions. Value: $150.00

Total Value to be a Member of WILDfit: $800.00

Actual Opportunity: $150.00

That’s just $50 per month of incredible diabetes, exercise, nutrition, weight-loss & fitness support!! You just have to say yes! Do it! Go WILD! It will change your life!

Take Charge of your Health! Go WILD!

WILDfit Will Change Your Life!

2 Responses to WILDfit! Walk/Run Starter Program

  1. Mari Ruddy says:

    Hi Paula!
    Check out the WILDfit page and as soon as we have the dates we will post them and send them to you! SO glad you are interested. It’s going to be awesome!

  2. Paula Davey says:

    Hoping to sign up for team WILD fall session- how do I register and get the webinar dates etc? Is not on the present website

    Thank you

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