Tour de Cure

TeamWILD and the Tour de Cure of the American Diabetes Association are Partners!

And everyone wins as a result of this collaboration!

The Red Rider Recognition Program and Team Red were created in 2007 to celebrate what it takes to live well with diabetes. Red Riders are cyclists in the Tour de Cure who are living with type 2 or type 1 diabetes. Key components of the Red Rider program are belonging, love and acknowledgement. On Tour day, Red Riders are the heroes. They are why we ride.

Mari Ruddy, who survived breast cancer twice and who has lived with diabetes (32 years with type 1) and near diabetes (her father and brother both have type 1) her entire life, created the Red Riders and ran the program in Colorado for two years.

In 2013, Mari will be appearing at several Tour de Cure events around the country. Here is where she will be:

Tour                                                       Event                                                                    Date

Napa, CA                                             Kick Off Wellness Expo – keynote             January 24

Atlanta, GE                                         Kick Off Dinner – keynote                            February 7

Raleigh, NC                                         Kick Off Dinner – keynote                            February 21

Silicon Valley, CA                              Kick Off Dinner – keynote                             March 14

Las Vegas, NV                                    VIP Dinner – keynote & ride                       April 26 & 28

Twin Cities, MN                                 VIP Dinner  – Speaking & ride                      June 1

Chicago, IL                                         VIP Dinner – keynote & ride                       June 8 & 9

Red Riders win with TeamWILD!

Mari and TeamWILD want Red Riders and all people with diabetes, type 2 and type 1, to have the tools to successfully manage their diabetes while doing endurance sports. For this reason,  TeamWILD: We Inspire Life with Diabetes, was created.

TeamWILD offers integrated weekly eTraining programs in the sports of cycling, running, and triathlon. WILDfit is a walk/run program. And CampWILD is an on-location integrated experience for those ready to take their diabetes and exercise to the next level.

What does “integrated” mean?

Integrated eTraining programs means that each week the athlete receives a message from the athletic coach, describing the workouts/training for that week. In addition to the athletic plan, there is detailed information about diabetes management (both type 2 and type 1) and nutrition needs each week. There is also a mental skills component to help with the mental aspects of being an athlete with diabetes.

TeamWILD uses an integrated team approach!

The staff is all highly qualified in athletics, sports nutrition, diabetes management (type 2 and type 1) and exercise. These are the experts that have coached Mari and hundreds of others with diabetes.

PLEASE NOTE!: anyone who moves their body is considered an athlete at TeamWILD!!


What Tour de Cure Cyclists with Diabetes Get As a Result of the Partnership!

  • Once a cyclist is registered for their Tour de Cure, in the Training Resources section of the Tour Center, cyclists have access to the Red Rider Cycling & Nutrition Guide and Video, both brought to you and created by TeamWILD!! The Guide and Video are full of great athletic, diabetes and nutrition tips and tricks for being a successful cyclist with diabetes at the Tour de Cure.
  • If you have any questions, please use the Contact page to ask! TeamWILD is very excited to support Red Riders in their quest for health, happiness, empowerment and a beautiful life!

Mari at the Tour de Cure!

2 Responses to Tour de Cure

  1. Karen Lipinsky says:

    Hi Joanna —

    In every Tour de Cure, TeamWILD riders are encouraged to sign up for Team Red. If you’d like a fantastic training program for the 50k, 100k, or 100-mile distances in your Tour, TeamWILD can help! You can read all about these on our Cycling Training Programs page. You’ll even get a TeamWILD jersey that you could wear in your Tour de Cure :-)

    TeamWILD will definitely have a group riding the other TdC in Colorado (Longmont on August 18), and we’ll keep an eye open for others who join our programs for the Woodland Park TdC so we can introduce you!

  2. Joanna Kanow says:

    Hi. I would love to ride with the team Wild crew in the Woodland park Tour de Cure this June. I have signed up already yet another “red rider” just told me that I really should get in contact with you and see if I can become part of this fun team. How would I do that? Would love to get involved.

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